Confidential Helpline

PRCCG offer a confidential Helpline for women and girls who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any time of their lives. Our trained volunteers will listen to survivors and help them find ways to express difficult feelings and talk about difficult situations. We are non-judgemental and non-directive. We listen, we hear, and we believe.

PRCCG Helpline

Our helpline DOES:

  • Our helpline does offer anonymity as you do not have to use your real name and we will not record your telephone number or ask for any personal details
  • Our helpline does offer confidentiality as all our volunteers sign a Confidentially Agreement and do not discuss calls with anyone outside the organisation*
  • Our helpline does offer short term specialised emotional support to female survivors of rape and sexual abuse, no matter how long ago the violence took place (maximum call length is 30 minutes)
  • Our helpline does offer support to all women and girls, including women who are or have been in prostitution, or women who identify as LBTQ
  • Our helpline does offer immediate support, information and signposting to appropriate agencies for families, partners or friends of survivors.
  • Our helpline does provide free informative literature on issues related to sexual violence to anyone requiring it, e.g. Survivors, agencies, friends, family, supporters of survivors.
  • Our helpline does give survivors and their supporters information about relevant agencies including: health care; Independent Sexual Violence Advisers; therapists; Sexual Assault Referral Centres; Rape Crisis Centres in their area.
  • Our helpline does form part of the network of support that many survivors need whilst they await counselling.
  • Our helpline does refer male survivors to more appropriate support agencies.
  • Our helpline does provide an empathic & supportive safe space for you to begin talking about your experiences.
  • Our helpline does listen to all survivors with sincerity and non-judgmental acceptance.
  • Our helpline does empower callers to make the choices they want, not those others may think are ‘right’.
  • Our helpline does believe unreservedly.

Our helpline DOES NOT:

  • Our helpline does not tell women what to do.
  • Our helpline does not make assumptions about a caller’s feelings.
  • Our helpline does not make a diagnosis of mental health conditions.
  • Our helpline does not pressure women to take further action.
  • Our helpline does not judge or lie.

Other Specialist Helplines

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  • Thursday 7pm to 9.30pm

  • Saturday 10am to 12.30pm

  • Sunday 10am to 12.30pm

Rape Crisis England & Wales

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PRCCG offer a confidential Helpline for women and girls who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any time of their lives.

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